Investment Management

Actively-Managed Portfolios

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The Intention of Active Management Is to Outperform a Passive Market Index Benchmark

Investment Management

An actively-managed portfolio is philosophically opposed to the “buy and hold” approach, which is based on the theory that an individual investor cannot outperform the overall market, and the prudent approach is simply to buy great companies and sit back. As active investment management advocates, we would respond to that by saying it is no longer wise to take the “buy and hold” approach. We look at how the economic landscape has changed so greatly throughout the past couple of decades. There were companies that were giants in their respective industries, dominating market share while exhibiting technological leadership. Changes in industry destroyed many of these companies, wiping out their value and position in the marketplace, resulting in losses for the “buy and hold” investor. The only certainty in life and business is change and managing that change has never been more challenging than it is in today’s economy. Planning for your personal or business financial future does not have to be fraught with uncertainty and stress. It is our goal to help you build a comprehensive plan that will flex with your life changes, but ultimately will leave you with confidence that you are building a solid financial future.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments can bring significant benefits to an investor’s portfolio by diversifying risk exposure away from traditional fixed income and equity assets. A properly managed portfolio should consider some investments that perform regardless of the direction of the stock market.

We believe that it is incredibly important to find the correct mix of investments that can help our clients generate consistent returns while reducing volatility in their portfolio. The key to investing in alternatives is to understand that within the alternative space, there are many different styles and strategies to choose from. We believe that investors need to become knowledgeable about the potential benefit of introducing alternatives into a traditional portfolio to achieve a greater diversification.

Diversification and asset allocation strategies do not assure profit or protect against loss.


When it comes to insurance, we believe that many people overlook the key financial benefits available through different types of insurance. Insurance is an incredibly powerful tool with a wealth of benefits for you as well as the important people in your life. We look at insurance as a means of protecting yourself and the people that rely on you. By adding certain types of insurance to your portfolio, we believe that you can drastically improve the stability and health of your portfolio. It is very important to keep in mind that as your life changes, so will your insurance needs. That is why we offer a comprehensive review of current policies to make sure that they are suitable for our clients. We can help you with a variety of your insurance needs including life, long-term care and disability. We utilize independent brokers to shop top insurers and give you the best value for your money.

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