Most 401(k) plan advisors provide very basic education, online account access and quarterly statements. While we offer those same services, we go well beyond industry standards and provide customized education on a plan-level and individual basis and meet with participants up to twice a year.

We conduct group meetings with employees to confirm that they understand the 401(k) plan and are knowledgeable about the investment choices they have at their disposal and that they understand how important it is to participate in the plan. On an ongoing basis, we will maintain communication with plan participants, providing market updates and other news that is relevant to their accounts.

We individualize meetings with each 401(k) participants to ensure that they understand how much money they’ll need to retire and how that translates to what they contribute to the plan. We help the participants choose an investment strategy that is suitable for them based on their objectives, risk tolerance and time frame. We take outside accounts into consideration and how that may affect their 401(k) plan strategy.