Active Management

Active management is philosophically opposed to the “buy and hold” approach, which is based on the theory that an individual investor cannot outperform the overall market, and the prudent approach is simply to buy great companies and sit back.

As active management advocates, we would respond to that by saying it is no longer wise to take the “buy and hold” approach. We look at how the economic landscape has changed so greatly throughout the past couple of decades. There were companies that were giants in their respective industries, dominating market share while exhibiting technological leadership. Changes in industry destroyed many of these companies, wiping out their value and position in the marketplace, resulting in losses for the “buy and hold” investor.

The only certainty in life and business is change, and managing that change has never been more challenging than it is in today’s economy. Planning for your personal or business financial future doesn’t have to be fraught with uncertainty and stress. It is our goal to help you build a comprehensive plan that will flex with your life changes, but ultimately will leave you with confidence that you are building a solid financial future.