October ’22 Market Update


Colby shares his thoughts on the current market conditions! He pulled some great articles, and data to share with you all. Check it out!

Category: Financial Planning

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Franklin Templeton Article


Colby wanted to share his thoughts on a great article by Franklin Templeton – 5 Things You Need to Know to Ride Out a Volatile Stock Market. Full article below. Please contact our office with any questions, or thoughts! 303-951-5975

Category: Investments

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Fee’s in 401k’s


Do you know the fee’s that are associated with your 401k Plan? Colby helps break it down!

Category: 401(k) Plan Participants

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Social Security Benefits


Do you know how many options you have when it comes to pulling Social Security benefits as a married couple?

Category: Retirement

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Are you protected?


Colby has some great thoughts on how to help protect your retirement from volatility.

Category: Retirement

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Market Volatility


Check out Mike and Colby’s thoughts on the market as 2022 starts out!

Category: Stock Market

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