Fee Benchmarking Review

If you are a Plan Sponsor, you have a personal fiduciary responsibility to ensure that your Retirement Plan pays reasonable fees and expenses on an ongoing basis. Keeping Retirement Plan fees in check is a very important fiduciary responsibility because even small excessive fee amounts each year can reduce plan assets substantially over time. Depending on the growth of your plan, Valenta Capital will perform a fee-benchmarking report every two years to ensure that every single fee and expense the plan is paying are in line with the services being received for said fees. We uncover and compare the costs that are normally buried in a plan and compare those against plans of similar size and industry across the country. We do this not only to ensure that your fees are in line, but that you’re receiving services that are warranted for what you’re paying. If costs are high, we utilize the report and go back to the service providers and reduce the fees so that they are in line with the report. We look at every single layer of the Retirement Plan for fees and costs including:

• Fund Option Fees
• Recordkeeping Fees
• Third Party Administrator Fees
• Fiduciary Investment Advisor Fees