We’re a little bit embarrassed to admit this but nowadays, when we fly, turbulence often tends to make our hearts jump (maybe because we have families who we constantly think about being able to provide for).

Of course, if you’ve ever flown through a thunderstorm or felt what wind shear can do to a 747 jumbo jet on even the clearest of days, you can probably relate.

The funny thing is, we all know turbulence is perfectly normal and incredibly common… We all know that, chances are, it’ll only last for a few minutes…

And we all know that, statistically speaking, flying is about the safest way you can possibly get from point A to point B.

Yet when the clouds get dark… and it starts feeling like your stomach is dropping 20 feet every two seconds… and even that loudmouth two rows behind you suddenly goes quiet…

Well… it can be easy to forget all the reasons you’re not supposed to worry about turbulence.

Which is why we’ve often said that there’s no better feeling than when the pilot finally comes on and tells you that yes, it’s been a bit bumpy… but it’s almost over… and everything is going to be just fine.

It’s also why we don’t blame you if the current volatility in the stock market has you feeling particularly nervous…

But here’s something you should know…

Statistically speaking, what we’re seeing in the markets right now is not only perfectly normal — it’s actually long overdue.

In fact, even though the S&P 500 has climbed more than 2,000-fold over the past century (and yes, that’s taking inflation into account!), on average, the stock market drops 10% once every 11 months…

Yet we went nearly five whole years without seeing a drop of 10% or more — so it’s little wonder the recent pullback we’ve been experiencing may seem especially severe for many investors.

And let’s face it, when your portfolio is awash in red and even your “safe” stocks are dropping day after day, it can be awfully hard to keep statistics like these in mind… and awfully easy to just start making rash decisions instead.

Which is a huge reason why a long time ago we decided to offer actively managed portfolio’s for our clients and why I actually couldn’t be more excited to be inviting new clients to join us in a “scary” market like this one.

We can not only custom-build you a portfolio allocated across a precise blend of six investment strategies, but we can also take care of all the “heavy lifting” and difficult decisions that go along with managing your own portfolio — including all the buying, selling, and necessary rebalancing.

That way you never have to worry about trying to decipher whether a sudden bout of market volatility is a major warning sign… or a big buying opportunity. And you can just sit back and relax, knowing your portfolio is on “auto-pilot.”

We don’t know if we are actively managing your portfolio now or not, but we would love to chat with you and explain that process and see if it would be a fit for you.

If we are currently actively managing your portfolio, great! You have seen our active management process first-hand and the benefits that it offers.

Of course, there are lots of options when it comes to professional money management… and deciding to turn your money over to anyone to manage for you is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly…

To never losing your head — even when the ride gets rocky,


Mike & Colby Valenta

Valenta Capital Management

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